Remton LCR Phono Stage Review


Taken from Rene Van E’s excellent review of the Remton LCR in The Ear Online….

The Remton lets the music flow into the room in such a natural way, it has an ease that is seldom disrupted, no matter what you throw at it. Classical, jazz, pop, male or female singers make no difference to the way you experience the rich and dynamic sound of the LCR Mk2. In my opinion LCR circuits are far superior to CR networks for RIAA EQ, but that’s not the only part of the Remton that counts, the tubes, resistors, capacitors and power supply play an important part too. Actually the complete package reveals a deep knowledge of electronics and love for music reproduction. What makes this phono stage the one to put high on your shopping list? It will bring you closer to the music source than most, it’s a true high end product that deserves high praise.’


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