Product Description

Famous among audiophiles the world over, BD Audio are incredibly pleased to be able to offer the JC Verdier La Platine turntable. With its unique magnetic bearing system, heavy platter and separate motor drive system, the La Platine is a masterpiece of engineering designed to provide a lifetime of listening pleasure. The turntable base comprises a hollow metacrylic plinth, into which three sprung feet are fitted, which in turn support three diaphragms on which the top plate of the plinth sits. The feet are positioned to balance the fully-loaded deck and levelling can be easily carried out from the top of the assembly. The diaphragms use air damping, compensating for any downward pressure on the deck.

The platter weighs a massive 18kg and is constructed from high-grade aluminium, 60mm deep. To this is fixed a cast-iron ring, housing one of the two opposing magnets that support it. To achieve perfect stability for the platter when it rotates, an axle carrier penetrates the centre of the platter. Within this housing, a spindle goes through the axle carrier and rests on a large adjustable set screw bolted to the underside of the plinth. Oil is injected into a chamber at the top of the spindle and allowed to seep into the space between the carrier and spindle to enable the platter to rotate and to counteract drag from the stylus tracking a record. Three different metals are used between the spindle and the platter, which serve to deflect mechanical energy. The only thing that actually rotates is the platter and the magnetic suspension achieves near total isolation from any mechanical noise.

The motor assembley is mounted on a totally separate support and can accommodate either a thread or rubber belt drive. The supply has an on/off switch and status light, speed setting and two rotary controls for finely adjusting the turntable speed, together with a switch at the rear of the housing for thread or rubber belt. The turntable can accommodate two tone arms and is supplied with one arm board to suit SME-mount arms and another which can be cut to suit other mounts.


Bearing: Fully isolating magnetic system
Tonearms: Up to two possible
Dimensions: 390mm (W), 23mm (H), 410mm (D) (turntable only)
Weight: 65kg