Product Description

The Pulse from Tune Audio is a unique, full horn active subwoofer. Featuring a 100W in-built amplifier and a 15-inch driver, the Pulse is designed to deliver the lowest octaves of the audio spectrum in large rooms with no limitations. The horn is specially tuned to the lower acoustic limits and fires downwards. The construction is of heavy-duty, grade A Baltic birch plywood and the horn is braced along its full length to avoid colourations from resonances. Capable of delivering maximum sound pressure levels of up to 130dB, the Tune Audio Pulse is fully adjustable for volume, phase, cross-over frequency and bass boost. It is the ultimate way to reproduce bass! All Tune Audio speakers are offered in a choice of any paint colour, or natural wood finish.


Sensitivity: 110dB
Input impedance: 10K (line level) 1K (high level)
Inputs: Line-level RCA, high-level binding posts
Recommended positioning: Near wall or corner placement
Dimensions: H113cm, W118cm, D55cm
Weight: 95kg
Current retail price: £15500