Product Description

The Tune Audio Prime represents a remarkable achievement from this award-winning loudspeaker manufacturer. Designed to be suitable for normal and more size-constrained domestic environments, the Prime horn loudspeaker includes Tune Audio’s superb technology and build quality in a relatively compact floor-standing enclosure. Over two years has been spent on design and development and the result is a sensible-sized, horn-loaded speaker that offers an unbeatable combination of price and performance and is suitable for near wall or corner placement. As with all Tune Audio horn loudspeakers, the internal construction features highest-quality wiring and cross-over components and the cabinets are hand built to superb standards using carefully selected materials. The Tune Audio Prime is available custom built to order in a vast range of finishes, both painted and wood veneer. We currently have the Primes available for audition, and listening is highly recommended to experience just how good a domestic horn speaker can sound.
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Sensitivity: 93dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Crossover frequency: 6300 Hz
Recommended power: 8 watts
Recommended placement: Near wall or corner
Preferred distance between speakers: 1.5 M
Listening distance: >2 M
Dimensions: 116cm H x 28cm W x 49cm D
Weight: 33 Kg each
Current retail price: £7900 per pair