Product Description

The Marvel from Tune Audio is a horn speaker designed for normal domestic situations. This stunning speaker uses an eight-inch driver, radiating mids direct and with a downward-facing horn for bass. Treble reproduction is by a one-inch compression driver and epoxy resin horn. The main cabinet is constructed from Baltic birch plywood, which has inherently suitable properties in terms of stiffness and energy transfer. The design technology is based on Tractrix horns and benefits from vanishingly low distortion, in addition, the virtual mouth and bass loading design maximises performance whilst keeping size suitable for domestic rooms. Tune Audio Marvel is mechanically time aligned, and the treble horn is adjustable for level and beaming to suit different locations. First-order cross-overs are employed and are built on bakelite boards, located as far away as possible from the drivers to ensure no distortion is caused by magnetic fields. All internal wiring uses high purity oxygen-free copper, insulated with wax cotton for ultimate performance. The high sensitivity of the Marvel results in truly staggering sonic performance and unmatched musical presentation. All Tune Audio speakers are offered in a choice of any paint colour, or natural wood finish.


Sensitivity: 97dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended power: c. 5 watts
Recommended positioning: Near wall or corner placement
Recommended distances: minimum 1.5m between speakers and 2m speaker to listening position
Dimensions: H149cm, W32cm, D56cm
Weight: 42kg per speaker
Current retail price: £12500 per pair