Product Description

A true masterpiece, the Tune Audio Anima is built around a massive, downward-firing bass horn. Mid-range frequencies are handled by a five-inch driver with a Baltic birch horn and treble reproduction is by a one-inch compression driver and epoxy resin horn. The main cabinet and bass horn is constructed from Baltic birch plywood, which has inherently suitable properties in terms of stiffness and energy transfer. The design technology is based on Tractrix horns and benefits from vanishingly low distortion, in addition, virtual mouth and bass loading design maximises performance whilst keeping size manageable. First-order cross-overs are employed and are built on bakelite boards, located as far away as possible from the drivers to ensure no distortion is caused by magnetic fields. All internal wiring uses high purity oxygen-free copper, insulated with wax cotton for ultimate performance. High sensitivity results in truly staggering sonic performance and a musical presentation that is truly amazing. All Tune Audio speakers are offered in a choice of any paint colour, or natural wood finish and the Anima is now available for demonstration.

As in previous years, Tune Audio were among the exhibitors at the Munich High End Show 2013 – and again, as in previous years, the system was incredibly highly praised by enthusiasts as well as professional reviewers and other exhibitors. For 2013, Tune Audio took a pair of its stunning Anima horn models, together with the Pulse active horn sub.

Jonathan Valin, of The Absolute Sound wrote “the system sounded fantastic on concert grand – very natural with superb timbre and scale. It was also sensational on trumpet, choir, and organ … indeed, these may be the best horn speaker I’ve ever heard!” while James Palmer from HiFi Wigwam simply wrote on his show blog “Seriously amazing speakers”. The Hifi Pig review site commented: “The Tune loudspeakers are a 3 way horn design distributed by Jack at BD Audio in the UK with whom we had a good chat in the beer garden…in the rain.The sound in the room was very impressive indeed being deep, controlled and insightful and “sweet” with solo instruments – my notes say beautiful!”, and 6moons stated “Tune Audio’s Anima would be on the top of my list of hornspeakers to review. I still remember them that fondly from the 2011 show. The fact that their design remains unaltered suggests that on that count nothing has changed”.


Sensitivity: 109dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended power: c. 3 watts
Recommended positioning: Near wall or corner placement
Recommended distances: Minimum 2m between speakers, 3m speaker to listening position
Dimensions: H158cm, W87cm, D87cm
Weight: 75kg per speaker
Current retail price: £38000 per pair