Product Description

Trafomatic Power Conditioner

The power conditioners from Trafomatic Audio provide cleaner AC power to sensitive electrical equipment and elevate its sonic performance to a higher level. This range consists of the models 500, 1000 and 3000. The figures refer to their maximum output rating in watts. Line noise comes from a number of sources.

They including random fluctuations in the AC current; inferior or damaged power distribution wiring which precedes the wall outlets; interference from other appliances on the same line even outside your residence; fluorescent lighting and dimmers; computers, modems, routers and switch-mode power supplies in other audio components; and even bad weather.

Dirty power compromises signal integrity because audio signals are amplified by modulated power supplies which run more efficiently on clean power.

The Trafomatic Audio power conditioners feature internal filter banks to isolate individual power outlets. This eliminates interference between components and prevents equipment connected to these conditioners from feeding self-generated noise back into the AC line and from there to the rest of your system. When used within their power ratings, the Trafomatic Audio power conditioners apply high noise suppression without current restrictions or transient dulling to be highly synergistic with all upscale hifi equipment.

The cabinet is available in the finishes shown in images plus these colours with a choice of feet.

 finish-brown finish-cherry  finish-black


Power: 500VA, 1000VA or 3000VA
Input voltage: 230V(available 115V) – 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 230V(option )
Shukos Number: 3 (500) 5 (1000/3000)
Soft start: No