Product Description

The Lynx range might be one of the entry-level products from Signal Projects, but the cables are built to the same high standards as their other ranges. The single-ended RCA interconnects feature effectively the same internal construction as the balanced model, with separate signal cores and directional screening. The range includes balanced and single-ended interconnects, tone arm cable (available in two variants to suite different cartridges and with options of XLR, RCA or DIN connectors), digital interconnects available in BNC or RCA 75ohm and AES/EBU 110ohm, power cables with UK or continental connectors and speaker cables. Lynx cables have single-layer PTFE dialectric insulation and thin-wall aluminium foil and standard purity copper braid shielding. The core conductors are a twisted pair design using extremely high purity copper.

Signal Projects firmly believe that although a wire is just a simple connection between two devices, for those whose intention is to realize the ultimate performance of a system it would be totally unwise to rely on simplistic cable applications. The cable manufacturing process is demanding due to the large number of factors that need to be considered in order to maximise performance without adversely affecting sonic characteristics. Factors such as resistance, capacitance, impedance, inductance, skin effect, power loss, proximity effect and many others can affect cables, as can the effectiveness of shielding, grounding, insulation and overall build quality. The application of proper scientific principles produces excellent, measurable results. Virtually all Signal Projects cables have capacitance values of between 35pF and 85pF per metre and inductance as low as 2uH.

Current retail prices:
Interconnect (XLR, RCA or BNC): 1m stereo £940. Additional £230 per extra 0.5m
Phono connector (XLR, RCA, 5-pin DIN): 1m stereo £870. Additional £220 per extra 0.5m
Digital 75ohm (RCA or BNC): 1m £590. Additional £130 per extra 0.5m
Digital 110ohm (AES/EBU XLR): 1m £590. Additional £130 per extra 0.5m
AC Power cable: 1.5m £620. Additional £160 per extra 0.5m
Speaker cables: 2m stereo pair £1650. Additional £290 per extra 0.5m