Product Description

BD Audio offer the entire range of Audio Note UK analogue products, including the highly-regarded cartridges, moving coil phono step-up transformers and tone arms. To complement and complete the range, Audio Note have now released a selection of supreme-quality phono RIAA pre-amplifiers.

Based on the company’s long-established principles, the Audio Note phono stages have been the subject of intensive development and listening to reach superb standards. They are built and designed to match the company’s other units and, as always, follow the fundamental goal of placing the quality of musical reproduction at the heart of performance.

The Audio Note M5 RIAA Phonostage is similar to the M3 and incorporates a dual-mono valve power supply and also a transformer-coupled output stage, with the M5 using a c-core design. The unit is based around an all-tube phono and equalisation circuit, which in the M5 uses three 5670 valves. The power supply is full dual mono, with each channel using a 6X5 tube for rectification and an ECL82 and 5651 for voltage stabilisation and regulation. The output stage uses a 5687 tube and an in-house, custom-wound IHiB double c-core output transformer. Internal signal wiring is in high-purity copper and Audio Note copper foil capacitors and tantalum are used in critical areas of the circuit. The casework and internal layout has been designed with great care to effectively eliminate interference and hum.

An extremely high performance phono stage for critical listeners.

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