Product Description

The new range of arms from Audio Note replace their previous models, which was a hard act to follow. Accordingly, expectations were high. The new series are all designed to work on an extremely extensive range of turntables and all feature the single-hole Rega mounting method. The new tonearms genuinely expand on existing boundaries of sonic performance, build quality and engineering precision. All the models in the range are made in a a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Europe and all the individual parts that make up each arm are individually-designed and produced in-house to ensure consistent quality. Audio Note tone arms all share the same foundations, centred on an arm tube machined from a single billet of high-grade aluminium. The arm wands are tapered both internally and externally, thereby reducing overall mass and increasing torsional rigidity.

This structural rigidity means that the new arms are capable of working correctly with almost any design of cartridge, regardless of overall mass or compliance. From the lightest tracking moving magnet right up to Audio Note’s Io models, the arms allow the cartridge to track ideally, minimising noise and maximising musical output. Bias adjustment is achieved via the classic ‘falling weight’ method, as this provides the most easily adjustable and reliable method. The vertical and horizontal bearings are not the usual ‘ball race’ type, but a ‘captured unipivot’ arrangement, which provides significantly superior performance to any conventional arrangement. Vertical tracking alignment adjustment is incorporated by means of a threaded collar and locking nut, allowing precise adjustment. All the arms in the Audio Note range are of a nine-inch effective length and available finished in either black or silver.

Similar in most ways to the Arm One in terms of construction, the Audio Note Arm Two is internally wired with Audio Note silver and is supplied with an external Audio Note AN-V stranded-silver external cable.

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