Product Description

When Audio Note decided to develop its new range of budget to mid-priced tone arms to replace the highly-regarded original versions, expectations among both audio enthusiasts and people in the industry were high. The new series are all designed to work on a vast range of turntables and employ a single-hole Rega mounting system. The designs truly push the boundaries of sonic performance, quality and engineering precision. All the arms are individually manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Austria and every component part is custom designed and produced in-house to ensure true consistency of quality. Audio Note tone arms all share the same fundamental method of construction, based around an arm tube that is machined from a one-piece billet of high-grade aluminium. The tubes are tapered both internally and externally, which reduces overall mass and also increases stiffness.

The resulting structural rigidity of the design allows the new arms to work with almost any type of phono cartridge, regardless of weight or compliance. From the lightest tracking moving magnet right up to Audio Note’s Io low-output moving coil models, the arms allow a cartridge to track superbly, minimising noise and maximising music. Bias adjustment is achieved through use of the classic ‘falling weight’ system, as this provides the most easy to adjust and reliable method. Instead of using the conventional ‘ball race’ type of bearings normally found in arms at this price point, the Audio Note designs use an ingenious ‘captured unipivot’ arrangement, which provides significantly superior performance compared with other arms. VTA adjustment is also incorporated as standard, by means of a threaded collar and locking nut, allowing precise and easy adjustment. All the arms in the Audio Note range are nine-inch effective length, and are available in either anodised black or natural silver cosmetic finish.

The Audio Note Arm One might be the entry-level model in Audio Note UK’s range of tone arms, but its sonic performance and build quality belie its relatively modest price. The Arm One has high-purity copper internal wiring and is supplied with an Audio Note AN-A copper-wired external connecting cable.

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