Product Description

Audio Creative Groovemaster ‘Banana’ 12 inch Tone Arm

Product Description

GrooveMaster MKII-6

  • Angled horizontal bearing for perfect tonearm balance
  • All parts are now free of maintenance and made of anodised aluminium and sanded stainless steel.
  • Available in 3 beautiful finishes: black, silver or anthracite grey
  • Tonearm tube available in black and silver matt finish
  • ‘Banana’ arm
  • Magnetic bias setting
  • Bearing house diameter = 20.50 mm. and fits SME sliding base
  • High precision horizontal and vertical bearing
  • perfectly adjusted

The Audio-Creative GrooveMaster is completely produced (CNC machined) and hand built in the Netherlands.
No China parts are used, only high quality audio components as SME head shell connector, Jelco tonearm lift.
Please allow shipping time of 2 weeks.

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GrooveMaster: Master in reproduction of sound

The Audio Creative GrooveMaster II is a high quality, CNC machined tonearm and is constructed completely by hand. The origin of this tonearm lies in the 1950-1960’s. In this period, high quality, transcription tonearms and turntables were used in broadcast studio’s. The Audio Creative GrooveMaster is developed according to the same standards, but with the precision of 2014. The Groovemaster can be used in combination with many turntables. Especially the beautiful classic turntables as the Garrard 301 and 401 and Thorens TD124, 135, 124. But when you are rebuilding a nice Lenco L75, L75 or L78 ,the GrooveMaster will be an excellent partner.


Ultra low friction Semi-Ceramic bearing
Cardas tonearm wire
Jelco tonearm lift
SME head shell connector
Cardas 5 pin tonearm cable connector
Mounting adapter included


Aluminium housing with stainless steel counterweights
Mounting distance 304,75mm = 12 ”
Offset angle: 17,11 degr.
Overhang: 12,82 mm
Effective length: 317,57 mm
Effectieve mass: 22 g.
Fits cartridges from 6 gram mass and up
Advisable cartridge compliance < 20 µm/mN



The GrooveMaster II is completely hand built, please allow 2 weeks to prepare for shipping.

Magnetic Anti Skate now comes as standard, no extra charge.

The GrooveMaster II comes without a head shell or tone arm lead.

We recommend the BD Audio Graphite head shell for best results.

Available finishes, Black, Silver or Anthracite Grey.