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BD Audio are proud to be able to offer exclusive UK supply of the stunning range of horn loudspeakers from Tune Audio. The Marvel is a two-way, time-aligned design, using an eight-inch driver directly radiating mid frequencies and a back-loaded bass horn firing downwards. Treble frequencie s are handled by a one-inch compression driver and tractrix horn. The Marvel is correctly time aligned and the level and beaming of the high-frequency horn are adjustable to suit different rooms and positions. Designed with normal domestic use in mind, the Marvel can be sited close to rear walls and corners with no sonic penalties. The Anima is the company’s flagship model. A large, three-way pure horn design featuring a downward firing bass horn, five-inch mid range horn and one-inch treble horn, the Anima is mechanically time aligned and provides an unparalleled listening experience.

New to the range is the amazing Tune Audio Prime. Designed for smaller locations, the Prime combines incredible sonic abilities with a domestically-acceptable size and provides incredible value for the performance levels it offers. The Prime, Anima and Marvel all feature in-house designed cross-overs of the highest quality. All internal wiring is in extreme-quality oxygen-free copper with waxed cotton insulation. The range is completed by the Pulse active subwoofer. A unique, full horn design, the Pulse is equipped with a high-quality integral 100W amplifier and is capable of delivering maximum sound pressure levels of up to 130dB. The Tune Audio range are all high-efficiency speakers capable of delivering incredible levels of resolution and are built to exacting standards. All the models are available hand-built to order in a vast range of finishes, both veneered and painted.