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Signal Projects began cable manufacturing as the result of tests and experiments carried out in its own recording studios. In 2005 the company produced its first high-quality audio cables, initially for the professional recording-studio market, and the results were widely praised. Major investment followed and the company now produces a wide range of cables for domestic and professional users. Signal Projects cables are based on proper scientific principles and constructed to exacting standards. The materials used for conductor cores feature a mixture of high-purity metals, and the implementation of advanced construction, insulation and grounding techniques results in cables with vanishingly low levels of inductance and capacitance and excellent interference rejection. Unusually, Signal Projects single-ended cables are based on a very similar construction method to their balanced interconnects, retaining individual core conductors for signal transfer, with a separate shield. The same design is used for digital interconnects. Shielding connections depend on the particular cable, but in all instances is designed to provide the best possible protection against ground loop hum.

Uniquely, there are offers two options for tonearm cables. One employs conductors designed for cartridges such as Clearaudio, Ortofon and Shelter that have a slight emphasis in the upper frequencies. The other uses somewhat different construction for European cartridges such as van den Hull and Benz that benefit from a slight increase in brightness. With many positive reviews and awards, Signal Projects cables are rapidly becoming established as a true industry standard. Read more here about the design of Signal Projects cables, and here to learn about all recent Signal Projects news and events.