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BD Audio are now able to supply the full range of Puresound products. Renowned for their superb designs, Puresound consistently win awards for equipment that offers an outstanding combination of quality, sonic ability and value. Recent awards include ‘recommended component’ status from HiFi Critic for the P10 phono stage, ‘Highly Commended’ from HiFi Plus for the L300 pre-amplifier, ‘Editors Choice’ from HiFi News for the 2A3 integrated amplifier and ‘5 globes’ from HiFi World for the P10 phono stage.

All Puresound products share common values of excellent standards of production and the use of very high quality components. The results are universally excellent audio performance and the ability to reproduce music superbly. From the Tenuto turntable mat to the mighty L300 pre-amplifier, M845 monoblock power amplfiers and acclaimed A8500 CD player, Puresound products represent some of the finest audio equipment currently available.