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Modwright Instruments products are hand-assembled and are designed to extemely high standards. In addition to sounding sublime, the overall quality is truly first class in every way. Simple and straightforward to use and enjoy, the amplifiers and pre-amplifiers offer a mixture of craftmanship and pure musical enjoyment that is hard to beat. In the words of Dan Wright, the founder of ModWright Instruments, “Anyone can listen to music, but to truly hear it in a way that transports you to a different time and place requires absolutely perfect reproduction of sound. Equipment from ModWright Instruments brings this experience to the listener”.

The range includes a selection of pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers of varying outputs and a stunning integrated. ModWright Instruments have a reputation for excellent quality of construction, together with superb levels of service and customer satisfaction. At BD Audio, we are both proud and pleased to be able to offer these superb products to our clients.