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BD Audio are now official UK dealers for Hifi Racks Ltd. The company’s racks are all handmade in their own Leicestershire workshops and use finest quality hardwoods. Most of the racks are can be adapted as your system develops, by adding additional tiers. Representing excellent value and sonic quality, Hifi Racks products have won awards from many publications, including What HiFi, Hi-Fi World and Hi-Fi Choice. The ranges include ‘Akorner’ designs for corner use and a number of slimline models for small footprint.

The Podium Reference and Akorner Reference models are available in a choice of widths and depths. The tiers are isolated by spikes and any number can be purchased separately or added later. There are seven leg heights available and tiers can be supplied in a range of wood finishes with matching or black legs. The Podium Trios is a similar design and construction, but using three-legged tiers with a fixed width and depth and a choice of leg heights. The Podium XS again uses separate, isolated tiers, but is designed for small-footprint equipment. The Podium Reference, Akorner Reference and Podium Trios all offer the option of adding isolation platforms to any tiers and the Akorner Reference also has optional cable management.

The Podium Slimline, Podium Slimline Akorner and Podium Slimline XS are conventional racks. All are available with different leg heights, wood finishes and number of tiers. Additional tiers can be purchased at a later date, making the ranges extremely flexible. These models offer incredible value, with a four-tier Podium Slimline starting at just £349.

There are similar ranges of AV racks available, with shelf widths up to 1500mm to accommodate the most advanced AV equipment. In addition there are two models of wall shelf (one with the option of adding an isolation platform and therefore ideal for turntable support) a range of headphone stands, matching finish speakers stands with many options for size, and a range of matching storage units for records, CDs and DVDs.