Grandinote Technology:


Tubes or Semiconductors? Magnetosolid®.
The name of this technology borns from the combination of “ferromagnetic” with “solid state”.
Solid-state components are used in typical circuits for tube amplifiers..
We managed to combine the advantages of solid state and tube amplifiers, overcoming their respective limitations.
The result is a tight, precise and dynamic sound, yet gentle, airy, warm and pleasant: natural.
All polarisations are in Class A and without feedback.
All low signal stages are direct coupled: without capacitors.
For every device, we use a dedicated independent power supply circuit.
Each component is carefully selected.
When you listen Grandinote, you forget to listen tubes, you forget to listen solid-state, you listen only music.

A refinement of Magnetosolid® technology is represented by the use of precious ferromagnetic components capable of bringing the listener the entire slightest nuances of the musical message, combined with a disarming naturalness
This new technology has created a new line called Magnetosolid-VHP; the excellence we believe in sound reproduction.

The exclusive products of Grandinote, masterpieces of style and technology, make them also a preference for the most demanding audiophiles:

“it is almost impossible to take off, this amplifier connects you simply and purely to music. This feeling of addiction is quite rare and we’ll see why…”
Lionel Schmitt – 03/2014

“The best of solid state.”
Ruud Jonker – 06/2013

“a word occurred often to me: energy. This sensation of energy never fades away and gives to the whole reproduction a dynamic sensation, violent at times where the partition requires…”
Domenico Pizzamiglio – 04/2013

“We did not hear never the fineness of the notes…
…The harmonic density and dynamic distribution allow for each partition, each note, each sound to be interpreted in a credible manner…”
Dominique Mafrand – 12/2012

“A disarming naturalness: great! Who you were never present the opportunity to listen to the SHINAI, perhaps at a trade show, you should definitely do it.”
Wilfried Lardenoit – 07/2012

“An amplifier with absolute quality level, able to offer the best quality that you can expect from tube technology and from solid state.”
Alfredo Di Pietro – 12/2010

“It’s like listen a sound by McIntosh MC230 or a pair of MC30, which had stolen the muscles, from a not so small Krell.”
Bebo Moroni – 12/2007

“I could not reasonably think that a tube integrated had the same authority of a transistor, or that one transistor had the same feeling of a tube. Then I listened the Grandinote A Solo…”
Andio Morotti – 10/2006

“Refinement like small power tube amplifire”
Andrea Della Sala – 02/2006

“We seem to listen a modern tube amp, one of those properly designed, with tight bass, without difficulty in driving strong speakers. Has instead, all the advantages of a solid state…”
Vittorio Vitti – 09/2005

“…the result of a careful search for more natural, grace, sweetness typical of valuable tube productions, combined with the tight, precision and dynamics of the solid state of exception.”
Andrea Della Sala – 09/2005

“Why have I been so impressed by the sound of these amplifier? It ‘s simple, because they sound great tube amp, without suffering the limits”
Bruno Fazzini – 01/2004