Munich High End 2015 Show Reports

Show reports are coming in now, I’d like to share some of them with you on this page.



EnjoyTheMusic show report

‘The system had wonderful harmonics with all the big dynamics one expects from a properly done horn system. I really enjoyed my time within this room and of course VPI turntables are making their presence known at all the shows around the world.
Thank you Steven R. Rochlin!’

Enjoy the music link, click here.



The Audio Traveler show report

‘But seriously, the sound coming out of these speakers was fulsome and ballsy, big swings in play, but the word I wrote and circled in my notebook was ‘eloquent’, with the music slipping in and out of the blackest backgrounds … I just could not believe how good the pairing was here. Horns … with a high-output Class A/B amplifier. And I was digging it. Huh! Not what I would have expected … and yes, I was expecting tubes or at the very least small-output, über-niche, blessed-by-Himalayan-virgins Class-A electronics.That whooshing sound? My “audiophile expectations” evaporating.’

The Audio Traveler show report link, click here.



AV Showrooms video