ModWright Instruments modifications

Although Modwright Instruments is probably primarily known today for its high quality audio electronics, when Dan Wright began in business, it was as a company dealing solely with extremely high quality and effective modifications to hi-fi equipment. This is a service that ModWright continue to provide today, and the company currently offers modifications and upgrades for the OPPO BDP-95 and BDP-105 models, and the Sony XA-5400ES player.

In all cases, the modifications provided by ModWright Instruments entail improvements to power supply circuitry, reduction of jitter and other interference and serious attention to the analogue output stage. For all the players, the output stage is replaced by ModWright's own design incorporating valves. All the modified units also feature a new, outboard, external power supply for the analogue circuits, dramatically reducing distortion caused by common-rail power supplies. An upgraded umbilical cable for connecting the power supply to the player is available as a further upgrade.

Modifications are carried out in-house by ModWright and are available direct, not through us. However, as we are in regular contact with ModWright we would be more than happy to pass on any requests or information.