In this blog I will be running some previews to let you know where BD Audio products can be found at both the MOC and Hifi Deluxe shows.

I will also add in post show reviews, reports, photographs and videos.

I will start of with Grandinote news…

Grandinote invites you to listen one of the best amplifiers in the world.
This year, the German magazine AUDIO gave to Grandinote Demone 140/140 points.
From 1978 to the present day, only 3 amplifiers in the world took the top score from AUDIO!

You can listen Grandinote equipments in “Studio 3”,
a 47 square meters room in ground floor at HiFiDelux Show,

in Marriott Hotel München
Berliner Straße 93 – 80805 München,

from 5th to 7th of May 2016
between 12.00 and 20.00h entrance free.

Only Magnetosolid® amplifiers have the musical, natural, rich sound of the tubes,
together with the energy, the extension and the damping factor of solid state devices.
Come to visit us in Munich!

Grandinote will be supplying the Shinai integrated amplifier and Volta digital server/dac.
Loudspeakers will be the new Sound Kaos Liberation Open Baffle design.
Cables by Entreq
Music supplied by STS Digital




Tune Audio and their famous ‘Anima‘ 3 Way Fully Horn Loaded Loudspeaker.

Tune Audio are exhibiting with Trafomatic with a world premier of their ‘Elysium’ mono blocks and also Fred Cranefrom Audio Prana USA who will be bringing the Saskia Idler Drive Turntable and the Rockna Wavedream Dac.

You can listen to this system at the MOC, A4, room E215.



Show report by Part Time Audiophile can be found HERE. ‘Tune Audio, Trafomatic, Rockna Annihilates Boundaries’